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Doctor Acorn 3


About Doctor Acorn 3

Join the exciting puzzle game called Doctor Acorn. In the game, you will transform into the main character and accompany lovely penguins to create a snowman.

What is Doctor Acorn?

This is a game with an extremely interesting storyline. Doctor Acorn received a phone call from the cute penguin and accepted the invitation to join them as a snowman. Go to the South Pole and join the game characters to complete the challenge!

Make a snowman

In the game, you with the incarnation of Doctor Acorn will find a way to bring the snowman to the finish line. The destination of the game is the storage boxes, which keep the snowman from melting.

However, the journey to complete the task is not easy. The animals like bees or chickens in this game are very aggressive. They will act as villains and hinder your journey. If you touch them, the loser will be you. However, you can throw snow at the bees to attack and eliminate them. In addition to ram you also need to avoid sharp spikes traps.

Snow is also the weapon that helps you open the latch and bring the snowman to the safe areas of the game.

Game controls

Use the mouse to control and snowball. In addition, sometimes you can also use the arrow keys to navigate the character when flying with the pinwheel.

Join this game, and experience Daily Dadish on the same website. Both are great puzzle games.


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