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Deep Miners Idle


About Deep Miners Idle

Deep Miners Idle is an entertaining coal mining game. You will transform into a miner who works hard to dig deep underground and find valuable things.


In this game, you will play the role of a miner. Your task is to find valuable things underground such as gold, diamonds, or coal. Therefore, pick up the pickaxe and begin the moments of hard work and perseverance.

Features of the game

Mine for money

This is the essential step of this game. You will start with a rudimentary pickaxe to dig. Coal and other minerals that you can find out and exchange for coins. After that, you are able to help fuel the drill.

Drill deeper underground

After your drill can operate, use it to dig further down into the ground. More profitable resources such as gold, rubies, and other gems will be explored.

Hire more miners

Hire miners with your gold. You can find and earn the rewards faster if you have more miners.

Upgrade your business

You can increase the carrying capacity, digging capacity, and exchange rate of your character's resources. You can also upgrade these skills in your employees.

How to control

  • A = move left
  • D = move right


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