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Cooking Street


About Cooking Street

Cooking Street is a unique cooking game. As the owner of a restaurant in town, customers come to your restaurant regularly. Serve according to their needs.

Cooking games have never been so hot and neither is Cooking Street. You know, food is always an endless source of inspiration. If you are also a fan of this game series, come and experience it right away!

How To Cooking Street

In this game, when diners come to eat at your restaurant, they will order according to the order. Your task is to cook those dishes according to their request. Customers please, you will receive money and can use it to further develop this restaurant.

At first, maybe the dishes, as well as the kitchen tools, are not diverse. However, the more money you earn, the more you can unlock more dishes as well as expand the kitchen area to facilitate serving diners at the restaurant.

How to play

Cooking Street is a game with simple gameplay. To control the tasks in the game, you just need to use your computer mouse. When playing this game, you will recognize that it is pretty similar to Papa's Pizzeria which is one of the best cooking online games.

Satisfying customers

In this game, you will transform into a chef at a famous restaurant in town. Listening to your good cooking name for a long time, every day people visit the restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes you cook. You cook well, and people like and recommend you to each other. Thanks to that, the restaurant is getting more and more crowded every day.

The matter

When the restaurant is so crowded, you will definitely have to work harder and harder. Keep in mind the requirements of customers, prepare food quickly but still ensure delicious.

Sometimes there are customers who are difficult, or in a hurry, if you prepare things for too long, they may complain and stop buying. No chef wants this to happen, so keep that in mind. But to prevent that from happening, what do you need to do? Go to the next section for more information!


  • Cook and prepare food in advance so diners don't have to wait too long.
  • Buy extra plates for ready-to-eat food.
  • Unlock the kitchen to cook faster.
  • Memorize the correct menu of guests so that there is no need to waste time cooking again.

How to gain more coins in Cooking Street

In this game, there are many levels corresponding to the development of the restaurant. High levels mean that the restaurant is growing more and more, but also more difficult with more customers and needs. Furthermore, to unlock these levels, you need to complete the objectives of the previous levels.

Do not let customers leave, instead try to serve their food needs to get more coins. Moreover, you should also not waste food when cooked and have to put them in the trash.


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