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About Clone2048

Clone2048 is one of the kinds of 2048 merge games with some action. In this game, you place the soldiers in the right spot to make the soldiers merge into stronger soldiers and kill all the zombies. 

In the year 2048, there is a remarkable event. Dr. Wong has explored a Wubera planet and is investigating a mysterious virus on this planet. This Wubera planet is full of Zombies. Therefore, to help Dr. Wong conduct the study safely, you take part in the progress of beating zombies. Your duty is to position all of Dr. Wong's clone soldiers in the proper locations. They will transform into stronger warriors and defeat all zombies in the world.

There are a lot of areas to survey and these areas are increasingly dangerous as more and more zombies will appear. Therefore, your responsibility is more and more difficult. When you reach a certain level, you will have the opportunity to unlock new soldier characters with greater strength. Let's change the character to be able to win more easily. Moreover, you can buy some supportive things for your war such as a UFO. It's an intense battle, are you ready?


Iamzealotwang developed Clone2048 and released this game in February 2022. Besides, you can play this game on the Web Browser. 

How to play

  • Left-click = place the soldiers
  • Mouse-wheel = zoom in and out
  • Space = pause


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