About Clash Of Heroes

Play Clash Of Heroes to experience an action game of XiferGames. Protecting your towers and destroying your opponent's towers are your objective in the game.

Clash Of Heroes has simple gameplay and is easy for people of all ages to play. When you enter the game, you have to battle with others to protect your towers and try hard to destroy your enemies' towers. If you demolish all the towers of your enemies, you win the game. In specific, each team has three towers, and soldiers of each team will appear from these towers. Your task at this time is to allocate your troops reasonably. As a result, when the enemies appear, your soldiers are able to battle with them.

The game offers a lot of levels with increasing difficulty because of the increasing number of enemies. Besides, after you win a level in Clash Of Heroes, you will earn your medals, experience, and gold. They will help you upgrade your troops and your castle and of course, you can defeat stronger and stronger enemies.

How to play

At the bottom of the screen, you will see 3 hero symbols. Let's choose one among them and drag it to the battlefield.


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