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Candy Match 2


About Candy Match 2

The playing rule

Candy Match 2 is an ideal game for enthusiasts of puzzle arcade games. In this game, you will match three or more same candies to eliminate them to gain points.

If you feel tired or stressed, this game is suitable for you to entertain and relax after a hard-working day. The game has attractive gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and great effects. It is expected to bring you moments of exciting entertainment with challenging levels. Besides, this game also helps you improve your thinking to find ways to connect the candies together.

Your task is to connect at least 3 candies together to form a vertical or horizontal row to remove them. You can also form rows of 4 or 5 or 6 to get special boosters. If you create a Line Blast with 4 candies in a row, you have the ability to destroy the entire row by connecting Line Blast with other candies to form 3 or more. You can also form a Cross Blast with five pieces to form a right angle. Cross Blast has the ability to destroy an area around. If you connect 6 pieces together, you will create a Magical Circle that can clear all candies of the same color when connecting the Magical Circle with a certain candy. Make as many combos to get the highest score possible.

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How to control: Use your mouse to move.

Reasons you should try Candy Match 2

Many levels

This game features 100 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. This level is a little harder than the next one. Therefore, you need to try your best to complete all levels. In addition, there are some milestone levels that contain treasure chests. Normally, these levels are extremely challenging. If you can complete this level with three stars, you can unlock the treasure chest to claim a lot of coins.

Various boosters

This game offers 4 boosters that will assist you a lot as the game progress. They are unlocked when you complete the levels. Keep in mind that the times to use them are limited. Therefore, you just use them when necessary. Here's the list of boosters in the game and their functions.

  • Swap Booster: This booster is used to swap the candies to change their positions.
  • Magic Wand: This booster allows you to change the color of the candy
  • Horizontal Bomb: You can use this booster to destroy a row of candies on the board.
  • Vertical Bomb: It will help you to clear a column of candies on the board.

Many rewards

After you accomplish Level 11, a Special Gift Box is unlocked. If you click on it, you will get a random reward which may be golden coins or lives. Additionally, after you finish Level 15, a lucky wheel is also unlocked. You can spin the lucky wheel for free to claim many surprising rewards. Play this game every day to obtain a variety of rewards and have fun.


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