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Bucket Crusher


About Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is a fun casual game. Your task is to upgrade the destruction machine and become strong, destroy the wall, and earn a lot of money.

Start the quest

Accessing the Bucket Crusher, you will be given a demolition machine and a front wall. You will embark on controlling the machine to destroy the most bricks and let them flow through the machine, fall and turn into money.

Referring to casual games, it is impossible not to mention DRAWar.io. If you have never tried this game, experience the game to know how good it is.


The operation is very simple, you touch your finger on the gear position of the machine and swipe on the screen to move them towards the wall to destroy.

Upgrade in Bucket Crusher

With the money earned, players will use it to upgrade their machines, including filling up the tank, increasing the length of the destruction arm, increasing the strength, and increasing the size of the gears. Depending on the player's strategy and the challenge of each level, you will decide which factor to increase first.

For example, you need to increase the arm length of the machine if the wall is quite far and increase the gear size and power to destroy faster. But also do not forget an extremely important factor, is to fill up the engine, because if the gas runs out, the machine will also stop working and the level will end.

Besides, the cost for these upgrades will also increase through each level. Therefore, you have to earn more and more money every day to make your machine strong enough.


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