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Box Color Fill Game


About Box Color Fill Game

Box Color Fill Game is a puzzle arcade game in which you must choose a position to spread your color around so that your area is larger than your opponent's.

Welcome to the world of entertainment with Box Color Fill Game! In this game, you will see a game frame and a box. That box is your opponent. You need to choose any position in the game frame so that you can spread the color wider than the opponents. That box also has the ability to spread the color. When your color and your opponent's color touch, the color stops spreading at that intersection. So take advantage of this to choose the right place to start.

This game has many levels with different game frames. The opponent's box will be in different positions. Use your wits to win with a higher percentage of your opponent's land.

Has easy gameplay and colorful graphics. You just need to click on a single point to play. Each time you finish clicking, the eye-catching colors will begin to spread around creating an interesting scene. The Box Color Fill Game will bring you exciting relaxing moments on various levels while improving your logical thinking.

Features of Box Color Fill Game

  • The addictive puzzle game
  • Level up
  • Vivid graphics and easy controls

How to control: Mouse click.


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