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Beach Ball


About Beach Ball

Beach Ball is a fascinating game. Join football matches at the beautiful beach and try to win medals is your task when participating in this game.

Beach Ball Activities

Most people when going to the beach love such activities as playing ball right at the beach. Capturing user psychology, Izyplay Game Studio has released a game called Beach Ball.

In this game, during a trip to the beach, you accidentally met an interesting ball tournament, so you joined. You will take turns playing against opponents. Whoever scores 3 points first will be the winner. While the loser is eliminated immediately, the winner will continue to immediately, the winner will continue to compete in the following rounds to find the champion and receive the prestigious cup.

How to control

To play this game, you can drag the mouse to position and kick the ball.

Some features are equipped in Beach Ball

Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade your character for easier victory.
  • Shoot the ball to a position far from the character so that they do not have time to run to catch the ball. However, the ball must remain in the field.
  • Balance your power every time you shoot so the ball doesn't get out of your control.
  • Collect more coins to upgrade soon.


This function allows the player to make the character's appearance more attractive. You can choose your character as a male or female. Then, use the coins you collect through the matches to unlock their equipment.

  • There are many beautiful clothes, men will wear short pants, while women will wear bikinis.
  • Choose a hair color for your character.
  • You can also choose and change the skin color for them.
  • Beach Ball provides special equipment for players with extremely unique hat accessories.


If you want to become a legend, an undefeated player in Beach Ball, in addition to gaming skills, you also need to upgrade the strength of your character. Help your soccer players upgrade their speed to handle the ball faster, and upgrade their strength and special skills to take spectacular shots.

Get more coins

Come to the Beach Ball, after each football match, if you are the loser, you will not get any coins. While if you are the winner, you can get 100 coins. Moreover, during the competition, the game will facilitate you to get more coins by placing coins at random positions on the field. If you can hit the ball on that spot, you can get extra coins bonus.


Where can I play the Beach Ball game?

No need to download, you can play this game right at our Bloxorz website.

Who is the game suitable for?

This is a game for everyone, anyone of any age can participate. The purpose of the game is to bring joy to everyone.

In the game, will I play solo or as a team?

You will play solo, each team has only one player competing against each other. Whoever wins will continue to play against another opponent.


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