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Bazooka Boy


About Bazooka Boy

Welcome to Bazooka Boy, a dramatic yet super fun shooter. You will fight many enemies in this game. Are you ready to take them down and get 3 stars?

Bazooka Boy Online

This is a game for those who love shooting games. The game depicts a deadly arena where you and your opponent will compete against each other. In Bazooka Boy, your mission is to control the blue character to use the provided gun to shoot down all red enemies.

Meanwhile, your opponents have a lot of them, they even go in teams of 3, 5, or more, and you are alone. Either you kill them all and continue fighting in later rounds, or the game will end and you can't continue to unlock the levels after that.

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Control guide

You can use the mouse to control this game. In which, hold the mouse to aim, and then release it to shoot.

Tips and Tricks

Bazooka Boy is an engaging action game, that attracts and curiosity for users. Therefore, we wanted to provide some tips for players to be able to complete the challenge in a better way. Check them out!

At each level, the enemy will be arranged differently, creating a variety of challenges for players to conquer. You can aim bullets directly at the enemy to take them down, or take advantage of the environment, shoot at explosive barrels or platforms to destroy multiple enemies at once.

For each completed game screen, gamers will earn a significant amount of money. Use this money to unlock new more powerful weapons, like a grenade launcher, shotguns, clusters, bursts, etc. Collect them all and master their diverse and unique abilities. Throw up enemies and blow up their bases, destroying buildings. Satisfy your destructive abilities and unlimited skills to win in your own way.


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