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Battle Of Orcs


About Battle Of Orcs

Battle Of Orcs is an extremely attractive fighting action game. Pick strong generals and constantly fight against enemies, and attack their bases to win.

Play Battle Of Orcs Online

You and your opponent are trying to take down the enemy by using and controlling your generals and soldiers to fight against the enemy. They are trying to attack your base, if the base is destroyed, you lose. Therefore, continuously pick your champions and minions so that they both attack the enemy and protect your base.

The game depicts a fierce battle of the most powerful walls, are you ready to join the fight? You can also play a similar game called Tank War Defense right on this website. Try it out!


Use the mouse to control all Battle Of Orcs features.

Battle Of Orcs game features

This is a game that has both interesting gameplay but also has outstanding game features. Let's find out what they are!

Choose a champion to fight

This game is an extremely chaotic war, each fight that takes place will be between you and any player participating in the Battle Of Orcs. To fight, choose heroes to help you complete the mission.

There are many types of generals in the game for you to choose from, in which, there are 2 main generals: attack generals and magic generals.

  • Attacking champions will be melee champions, equipped with close-range weapons such as hammers, axes, or swords.
  • Magic Heroes are generals capable of fighting from a distance. They can use their tools or special moves to fire high-damage attacks on their opponents even without coming into close contact with them.

In addition, if you pay attention, you will see in the bottom corner of the screen there are cards with pictures of generals along with a continuously running HP bar. They show which champion you can pick and when. When the champion card lights up, you can pick it to bring that champion into battle. You can apply this information to easily fight in the Battle Of Orcs.


Each champion has its own power. However, the more you compete in the Battle Of Orcs, the more formidable opponents you will meet. To ensure that, you always have a chance to win against strong opponents, upgrade your champion. Use the points you get after each battle to upgrade. This upgrade will make your champion stronger, and more agile, and unleash more critical attacks in combat.


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