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About Backrooms

Enter Backrooms to enjoy a thrilling horror game. Running away from unknown dangerous things and finding ways to escape from the horror maze is your task.

The Backrooms game is designed as an endless maze in which there are "horror friends". You are stuck in this place and are trying to escape from this. Let's explore and find the exit door. Remember that the "horror friends" will kill you if they encounter you. Therefore, you need to be careful and run as soon as encounter them.

Interesting features of the game

  • Horror graphics: the smell of the moist carpet, walls with a monochromatic tone of yellow, buzzing fluorescent lights, ...
  • Dramatic sound effects increase the horror.
  • Useful items and dangerous things are everywhere. They can help you as well as stop you.
  • 3D graphics give people a more realistic feeling.
  • Three stages in the game include The Lobby, Habitable Zone, and Pipe Dreams.
  • Easy control by using a computer mouse to look around and arrow keys to move
  • Interesting horror gameplay like Five Night At Freddy's, Vampire Survivors, and Roblox Doors.


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