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Arrow of Janissary


About Arrow of Janissary

Arrow of Janissary is a fun video game. Players just need to stand still and control their character to shoot arrows at the opponent to win.

Master in Arrow of Janissary

In this game, there will only be two characters appearing, two female archers in blue and red. Join Arrow of Janissary, players will play one of these two characters. If in other games the characters would move and fight, against each other, in this game it's the exact opposite.

Two archers will be placed at random positions in the game, and those positions will be fixed until the round is completed. Try to get 5 points before your opponent is the winner.

Guide to play the game

Players who want to defeat and eliminate enemies need to hold the mouse to aim and release will to help them shoot arrows toward the enemy.

Accuracy Guaranteed

The characters in Arrow of Janissary stand still to fight instead of moving like in Castle Keeper because the game wants to focus on accuracy and increase the drama for the game. When two characters are facing each other like that, the player who is faster and more accurate will be the one to gain the upper hand.

Sometimes, you don't even need to be so fast, but you have to be precise. If with only one arrow shot, you hit the enemy, you will score a perfect score.


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