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Aqua Thief


About Aqua Thief

Aqua Thief is an interesting game in that you will accompany your character to collect all the coins. Aqua police will stop you, avoid being caught by them.

Collect coins in Aqua Thief

This is an extremely interesting game where you will accompany your character to steal coins that are being stored under the ocean. However, these coins are considered treasures and are kept strictly by the aqua cops. Can you steal coins without them getting caught?

Coins are stored in different locations under the sea. Your task is to strategize logically so that your Aqua Thieves move and get coins without being seen by anyone. just, you will use the mouse to draw paths and your character will follow that path. The path you draw needs to make sure to go through the coins so that the character can collect them.

How to play

You can use the mouse to control your Aqua Thief character.

Features equipped in the game


In Aqua Thief, you will perform the same main task of collecting coins from level to level. However, the challenge of each level is different. As you play at higher levels, harder challenges await you.

If you play in the first levels, the aqua cops just stand still, then in later levels, they will move to check security. And in even higher levels you will even face aqua cops that will chase you so you can't steal coins. If you get caught, the game is over.

Challenging mode

This is a game mode that Aqua Thief specifically offers you. If you enjoy the game in the normal mode, you will play the game through each level. However, the challenging mode is a more special game mode. In this mode, the player will be asked to perform a more special mission.

You will be given 20 moves, and required to collect all coins to get the highest score possible with those 20 moves. The aqua cops will also constantly move back and forth, so if you don't want to be caught, you should constantly move to collect coins. This is also extremely necessary because the coins will appear continuously. After you steal this coin, another coin appears. Can you complete the goal?

Some notes for players

Coming to this game, in each level you only have 3 moves to do the challenge. Moreover, if you use many moves in a level, the number of stars you get will also be less. Try to complete the mission with only 1 move to get a maximum of 3 stars.

Besides, Aqua Thief also provides players with some power-ups to help them avoid the pursuit of aqua cops. You can take advantage of these power-ups to ensure your own safety. Good luck!

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