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Apple Worm


About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is an addictive puzzle game in which you need to control your worm to reach the portal to complete a level. Remember to collect an apple.

Are you a challenger? Are you a person who likes to solve difficult puzzles? This Apple Worm game is an ideal game for you. This game will give you puzzles in many different situations. It not only gives you entertainment but also enhances your logical thinking. Each puzzle requires you to use your wits to come up with effective strategies. You will not easily pass the levels in this game. The challenges will increase in difficulty with each level. Level 1 and level 2 will help you get used to the rules of the game. However, when you step past level 3, you will see the challenge of the game. Once you have progressed to level 4, you will receive the highly difficult questions. A lot of players have struggled right from this level. Each level has unique maps. Are you ready to conquer all the levels in this entertaining game? Besides that, you can play the Bloxorz game to experience new quizzes.

Main Character in this puzzle game

The main character is a green apple worm. This caterpillar looks sluggish and tired. It has large eyes but is always half-closed. An impressive pink lip is the second characteristic of this worm. It doesn't seem to care about anything in this life. However, when you direct it close to the apple, it will open its mouth. These effects are extremely interesting and entertaining. You won't be able to see these images anywhere. The game has simple graphics that simulate the impressions. Besides, the effect of Apple Worm is also great. Blue is the main color of this game. It helps us to feel peaceful and relaxed. Prominent in the green background is a brilliant red apple. Graphics are simple but still create special. That's the Apple Worm game.

Rules of Apple Worm

Your task is to control the worm by using the arrow keys. Use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down. Press the right and left arrow keys to move right and left. This worm can walk in many different positions. It can walk in a bent or supine state. However, it cannot go backward. In addition, If you move into a space that is too narrow. The worm also couldn't keep moving. Drive the worm to the portal to complete the mission. There's an apple on the way. You need to eat this apple to increase your body length.

However, you need to pay attention to the dangers that the worm can face. It can fall into space if you move it away from the map. Falling into space means death. You will have to replay that level. Besides, you will also face obstacles such as spikes. Not every path can be reached. If you touch these spikes, your worm will be destroyed. The higher your level, the higher the difficulty of the game because of the more complex obstacles and maps. You will not easily overcome them. Note you have unlimited replays so don't worry. You have many times to challenge yourself. Good luck!


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