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Among Us Single Player


About Among Us Single Player

Join Among Us Single Player, and you will play with many other people. But be careful because there is an impostor who wants to kill everyone.

Play Among Us Single Player

In the game Among Us Single Player, you are chosen to play as an impostor or a crew member and this is kept secret from all other players. Start the game and enjoy.

If you are a crew member, you can win by completing all missions, or spot and vote to find the bad guys on board.
Goal: Go on a quest together or find an impostor.

  • Win by completing each mission to launch the spaceship or chase the impostors off the ship.
  • Respond quickly to destructive actions of impostors.
  • Report murders and discuss impostors.
  • Make emergency calls to discuss suspicious behavior.
  • Vote to remove suspected impostors.

If you are an impostor, the player needs to perform destructive actions to cause chaos, making it easier to strike and destroy the astronauts.

  • Destroy the crew members and those involved.
  • Pretend on duty to rub into the crew.
  • Go through the air vents to break into the ship.
  • Perform destructive tricks to cause chaos and divide members.

How to find the impostor

Depart for space exploration with Among Us game. But beware of impostors. This is an online co-op game, emphasizing teamwork and betrayal, with a competition of 4-10 people. Defend the spaceship at all costs while finding the impostors, are you ready?

To find out who the bad guy is, a chat room attended by all players will appear after the actions, where they can discuss who they suspect is the impostor based on what they think. saw in the game and held a vote. Gamers can also interact with certain items in the spaceship's room during gameplay.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.


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