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8 Ball Pool Multiplayer


About 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer is the world's leading pool game. Be the best gamer and compete with other players in the billiards game 8 Ball Poll.


8 Ball Pool is a sports game developed by Miniclip.com where you will start from an amateur pool player to become a professional player. In addition, you can also invite friends and compete with them to improve your skills.

Game rules

With Cool Pool's simple gameplay, gamers can easily get used to the controls and play the game as comfortably as they want, and you can also make amazingly beautiful shots. You will use the mouse to rotate the club and drag the mouse to shoot the ball.

If you or your opponent eats one of the balls of any type, you will hit all the balls of that type, the other player will hit the other ball. After eating all those balls, eat ball 8 to win! No other ball can touch the 8 ball to eat, this ball must be eaten last when you have eaten all your balls. Drop the 8 balls into the hole without eating all the other balls, and you will lose!

After each level, the system will list the results such as the number of hits, the number of balls in the hole, the accuracy, the maximum number of balls that fall into the hole in one turn, the aiming time, and the total playing time. Players can change the angle of view to tilt, straight, or vertical in the right corner of the screen to be able to observe the position of the balls more clearly.

Tips and tricks

Avoid some of the following mistakes:

  • Using up the allotted time will result in giving up the right to place the ball to the opponent. The consequence of this is that it will be easier for the opponent to execute his shot.
  • Hit your opponent's ball into the hole.
  • The cue ball does not touch its own ball.
  • The balls do not touch the edge of the pool table.

Hit the number 8 ball before putting the other billiard balls into the hole.

Hit the 8 ball on any hole instead of hitting the previously selected hole.

Use a good club to match your skills.


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