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4 Colors Battle


About 4 Colors Battle

4 Colors Battle is a very interesting puzzle game in which your task is to touch the screen so that the color ball falls into the area of ​​the same color.

Are you sensitive to color and speed? whether you are that kind or not, come to the 4 Colors Battle game where you can challenge yourself on your speed and acumen. As I mentioned earlier, the way to play this game is to move the position of 4 colors with touches. The purpose of this activity is to make it possible for the falling ball to hit the area of ​​the same color below.

Although the gameplay is very simple, it is extremely difficult to win or get a high score in this game. The game requires not only extremely fast color perception as well as hand speed, it is difficult because the rule of changing the position of these 4 colors is not included. Therefore, you must know for yourself when is the right time and place. The higher the score, the harder the game will be. For example, the falling speed of the ball will be faster and the density of the balls will be more. If you are not good at this game, don't worry because no one is good at the beginning. Everything takes a little patience and practice.

Features of 4 Colors Battle

  • Easy to understand and play
  • The increasing difficult game
  • Fun, interesting, addictive
  • Play on both Web Browsers and Mobile

How to play

Use the computer mouse to play this game.


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