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247 Checkers


About 247 Checkers

247 Checkers is a classic yet fun arcade game. In this attractive game, you will defeat your opponent by eliminating all of their pieces.

Rules of the game

In this game, players will develop their moves so that they can both eliminate the opponent's pieces and protect their own pieces. If you haven't played 247 Checkers before, don't worry. At the beginning of the game, for each of your turns, just point your mouse at any chess piece, and the game system will give you suggestions.

In particular, players should note that the pieces in this game can only go diagonally and eat diagonally. Besides, if your opponent's piece is on the next diagonal while the diagonal behind that piece is empty, you can discard your opponent's piece and place your piece in that empty square.

Guide to control

Players can use the mouse to control their pieces.

Game Modes

The game offers 3 basic game modes: 1 Player and 2 players and play online. Each mode has its own features and fun.

  • 1 player: This is the game mode where you will play against the computer. Don't overestimate the CPU, it's programmed to be a very smart player. You will try to beat it.
  • 2 players: This game mode allows you to play 247 Checkers with your friends on the same computer.
  • Play online: You can compete with any player online or create a private room and invite friends to join the game in this mode.

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